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We have the concept of Rural Travel to connect you from your roots. Our village has our rich and traditional lies preserved. Travel into any village across the India and Nepal, and you can feel happiness in the simplicity and the union with nature. We have such a great place, which is untraveled yet or that not most of people have experience before.

We will take you with us to offbeat and India's Rural Gateways and these place are untold place. Our vision to cover India's untraveled location and villages.

We are trying to work as a social enterprises with aims to set travellers off the beaten track in Rural India.

Get off the same tourist places. Through the traditional travel guidebook into the dustbin. Let the real Rural India charm you.

Our Tour Packet is really different than other traditional tour package. We are here to travel you to roots of Rural India with complete joyful and hygienic environment.

Let's Travel real Rural India with us...

Our Concept

Connect to Root

We are trying to connect modern India with rural India, if you real want to connect with rural side of India then come and join us. We provide you everything according to your need. 

If you ready and planning visit rural India, however you are discouraged by a financial roadblock, than join with we have best travel solution for you. 




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